Introduction to the loose-leaf notebook

2020-02-17 13:50



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Loose-leaf notebook (Loose-leaf notebook) is also called loose-leaf notebook, loose-leaf notebook; from the word "loose-leaf", we can know that the inner pages (inner core) of a loose-leaf notebook can be taken out or added at will. The specially designed loose-leaf notebook can also be called an efficiency manual, a multi-function manual, a universal manual, a universal notepad... A loose-leaf notebook is one of the most commonly used stationery in daily work and study. , binder or coil, paper composition. The biggest difference from ordinary notepads is that loose-leaf notebooks are more flexible to use, and the paper can be disassembled, replaced, and combined at will, which is convenient for sorting, and users can also DIY according to their own preferences. A loose-leaf notebook can be used for note-taking, memo, and drafting.

The most important part of a loose-leaf book is the holster part. There are many kinds of cover textures for loose-leaf notebooks, including genuine leather, recycled leather, imitation leather, imported color-changing leather, PU leather, artificial leather, PVC, Oxford cloth, canvas, nylon cloth, microfiber material, binding cloth, leather-filled paper and so on. The bulk customization of loose-leaf notebooks can better reflect the humanized design. The cover can be attached with LOGO in the form of hot stamping, hot silver, multi-color anodized aluminum, silk screen printing, leather color printing, four-color offset printing, embroidery, laser engraving, metal nameplate, etc. Like ordinary notepads, the cover of loose-leaf notebooks can also be printed with various exquisite patterns and advertising slogans. The colorful cover is also one of the factors that make loose-leaf notebooks popular.

The binder is a clip used to fix paper, mainly in the shape of a circle, mostly metal or plastic products, generally fixed on the cover by two rivets. Simply open the binder gently when removing the paper. The binder is a highlight of the binder notebook, and the beautiful binder is favored by many people. The binder is divided into a variety of holes, mainly according to the size of the binder to decide how many holes to use. The most common binders are divided into 6 holes, 9 holes, 20 holes, 26 holes and so on. Due to different textures, the colors of the binders are also different. The common ones are black plastic binders, silver metal binders, and gold metal binders. The paper of the loose-leaf notebook The paper of the loose-leaf notebook is generally based on writing paper, mostly using high-quality beige Dowling paper and white double-adhesive paper. This kind of paper is smooth for writing, protects eyesight, the paper is more crisp, thick and durable, easy to tear, suitable for study, office and so on. The paper of the loose-leaf notebook is punched with round holes on one side, and the loose-leaf paper with the corresponding number of holes is used according to the different number of holes in the binder. Users who like DIY can also punch holes by themselves to meet their different needs. Sizes of loose-leaf notebooks There are various sizes of loose-leaf notebooks. Commonly used sizes are A5, B5, A4, B6 and so on. The different sizes of the loose-leaf notebook meet the needs of different types of users. The small loose-leaf notebook can be carried in a pocket, just like a note pad, one of the pages can be torn off for use. The styles of loose-leaf notebooks The styles of loose-leaf notebooks are rich and diverse, which can be mainly divided into:

1), with and without hasp;
2), with and without calculator;
3), with zipper and without zipper.

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