Leather Size Calculation Instructions

2020-02-17 13:49

1. The measurement unit of leather usually has two methods: area and weight:

The square foot is often used in China, and the square Hong Kong foot is often used in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Among them: 1 square foot = 30 cm * 30 cm, 1 square Hong Kong foot = 25 cm * 25 cm

Japan and other countries usually use DM as the leather unit, 1DM = 10 cm * 10 cm;

Countries such as Europe and the United States usually use weight (ounces) as a leather unit, and determine the price per ounce according to different thicknesses and leathers; some domestic scraps are often sold by weight (KG).

2. The area of ​​the leather is measured by the factory measuring machine. When measuring, all the edges and corners are calculated. The measuring machine is generally controlled by a computer, and the leather area is calculated by the set program. It is not possible to calculate the area by taking the longest side * the widest side of the leather, and because the leather is irregular in shape, a square foot of leather will not be exactly 30 cm * 30 cm in size, and we usually see with the naked eye. When observing or measuring with a ruler, it is difficult to calculate the corners, so usually the leather we see will be smaller than the calculated theoretical area value.

3. The whole adult cowhide is about 250 cm long, 200 cm wide at the widest point, and has an area of ​​50-54 square feet; the average length of the whole pig skin is about 110 cm, the widest point is about 90 cm, and the area is 10 cm. -13 square feet; the length of the entire sheepskin is about 80 cm, the widest point is about 60 cm, and the area is about 4-6 square feet; this is just an average, the actual size of each leather will vary, big different.

4. Not all leathers in actual sales are whole pieces, some are half pieces, some are quarter pieces, and some are very irregular shapes, such as side skins, usually 20-40 cm wide, with a very long arc. strip.

5. Therefore, the amount of leather used in the leather products we calculate is calculated in square feet, and there will be loss of the whole leather and actual loss, which is also the reason why the results calculated by many customers are different from ours.

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