Daqin Leather Goods "2017 Huizhou Shuangyuewan Trip" ended successfully

2020-02-17 13:37

Daqin Leather Goods "2017 Huizhou Shuangyuewan Trip" ended successfully

In order to relieve work pressure, enhance team cohesion, and further stimulate employees' enthusiasm for work. On May 27 and 28, Daqin Leather Goods Company organized employees to participate in the "2017 Huizhou Shuangyue Bay" tourism activity.

This tour group activity not only guarantees the safety of each employee, but also promotes harmonious coexistence and unity and cooperation among colleagues while enjoying physical and mental pleasure. Travel, in a short time away from the city and work, allows people's minds to relax in nature; travel makes people more open-minded.

On May 27, all employees boarded the bus to Huizhou with their family members. Along the way, everyone laughed and laughed happily.

First, we visited the Lingnan Folk Culture Street of Tianhou Palace and visited Mazu of Tianhou Palace. Here, everyone can fully experience Lingnan style, Mazu culture and Hakka culture.

Then, everyone boarded the fishing boat with excitement, went out to sea in person, felt the sea breeze, and experienced the mystery of nature.

In the afternoon, free time. Everyone is free to play and swim at the beach, and use the cool sea water to take away the troubles of work and life.

In the evening, a seaside barbecue was arranged. Everyone hands-on, well-dressed and well-fed.

On May 28, everyone climbed the famous Daxing Mountain in Huizhou, overlooking the entire Shuangyue Bay and enjoying the unique double-moon landform of Shuangyue Bay. After a simple meal, everyone reluctantly embarked on the journey home.

After this rare spiritual holiday, the employees were in high spirits and felt very happy and relaxed. Colleagues help each other, take care of each other, increase the opportunities for communication, enhance mutual feelings, and create a team atmosphere of unity and harmony. After returning from the trip, everyone exchanged their knowledge and feelings with each other, and then devoted themselves to the work with more enthusiasm and energy, and continued to make their own contributions to the further development of the company.

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