Luxury materials, the main leather goods are customized

2020-02-17 14:03

The perfect leather product is no longer just an existing choice, it can also have its own unique style. When unique design meets luxurious materials, and can also incorporate your own ingenuity, it is the perfect embodiment of uniqueness! Today, luxury brands have also developed "private customization" services for noble leather goods. For example, Gucci has launched special customization of classic leather goods. All customized products can be carefully discussed and designed by both parties.

Of course, customized leather goods are inseparable from the luxurious matching of rare skins. At the "GUCCI Rare Skins Appreciation Conference" held in the GUCCI hall of Metro Department Store, there will be a limited number of 100 pieces of rare skins such as crocodile skin, python skin, and ostrich skin. Edition goods on display. The unique classic custom series and the display of noble and rare skins perfectly interpret the classic legend that combines traditional Florentine craftsmanship and noble aristocratic ideals.

Noble and elegant crocodile leather

The noble and elegant brown color is matched with the extraordinary quality crocodile leather, and the generous and simple design can quietly show the extraordinary taste of men. Wise and quiet colors paired with high-quality crocodile leather materials are the perfect choice for classic pieces that are tasteful and highly practical.

The colorful accessories are originally wonderful things, they can decorate the shape, and they can also arouse the dream in the heart, which makes people dare to look forward to it. Alligator leather accessories make this summer even more colorful.

Soft and comfortable ostrich leather

A woman's wisdom does not lie in winning, but if she can be calm, restrained, elegant and independent, she can appear more dignified. The versatile blue bamboo ostrich leather bag can not only accommodate other colors, but also show its own quiet and elegant temperament.

GUCCI lemon yellow handbag is made of rare ostrich leather. Its versatile bag design starts from the bamboo handle full of oriental charm, combined with the light and youthful lemon yellow tone, which reduces the formality and makes it easier to match on weekdays freely.

Natural wild python skin

The natural python pattern and exquisite craftsmanship are perfectly combined, and you can easily have the most unique temperament with casual clothing. The natural wild python skin pattern is attached to the handbag, exuding an irresistible charm.