Small knowledge of leather goods

2020-02-17 13:55

Leather products are commonly used products for our gifts, we need to understand his relevant knowledge, which plays an important role in our communication with our guests. Dongguan Leather Factory
First classification: Leather goods are usually divided into two categories: large and small. Large-sized products usually refer to: trolley cases, briefcases, computer bags, Japanese-style bags, clip bags, clutch bags and women's bags, etc.; small-sized products usually refer to: suit bags, body bags, horizontal bags, key bags , business card bags, belts, ID bags, passport bags and leather gift boxes. The leather goods products that are rarely made include: leather notebook cases, menu cards for hotels, menu clips, leather cases for real estate and other products.
Classification of leather materials: cowhide, sheepskin, pigskin, donkey skin, horse skin. Among them, cowhide, sheepskin and pigskin are used more. Sheepskin is characterized by being relatively soft and easy to break. Generally, it is seldom used on large products, but some women's bags will use sheepskin, which is mostly used on gloves. Due to its roughness, pig skin is generally used as the base. For example, some wallets use pig skin instead of lining. In addition, it is used more in shoes. The leather of cowhide has good toughness and fineness, and is widely used. The above products can be made of cowhide.
Classification of the cortex: generally divided into the first layer of skin, the second layer of skin, and the regenerated skin. The first layer of skin and the second layer of skin are widely used, while the regenerated skin is generally used in low-end products, mainly on the belt of the belt.
The classification of imitation leather: PU, PVC, artificial leather, etc., because of its relatively cheap price, it is mostly used to resist the production of products.
Accessories of leather gift boxes: suit bags, horizontal bags, body bags, key bags, business card bags, belts, ties, tie clips, lighters, pens, watches, etc. Any combination, the gift boxes we usually sell are 2-piece sets , 3-piece sets, 4-piece sets are mainly due to the limitations of the packaging box, as well as his practicality, price and other factors.