Three elements of notepad cover design

2020-02-17 14:06

Daqin custom-made gift notepad binding and notepad production standards for enterprises

1. Binding: whether the design scheme conforms to the intent of the notepad

2. Layout design:

1) Whether the size of the cover, inner pages and pictures of the notepad are coordinated; whether the design style runs through the notepad, including whether the title page and appendix are easy to read and write, and whether they are compatible with the inner pages (specifically, the line spacing and line length of the inner pages). The relationship between the left and right sides is neat or only the left side is neat, etc.)

2) Does the entire inner page design fit the overall style of the notepad?

3) How is the implementation of the design plan (technical difficulty, production cost, whether the material is suitable)

4) Whether the word arrangement of the layout is clear at a glance, appropriate and in line with the purpose (the writing is eye-catching)

3. Art Design:

1) Whether the cover design and inner page design conform to the image and requirements of the entire company, and whether the spine is in the correct position

2) Whether the cover design and inner page design are combined in the overall scheme (such as text, color)

3) Is the material selected for the cover reasonable?

4) Whether the cover design is suitable for the process requirements of book binding (for example: the connection between the cover and the spine, the crease of the paperback book and the groove of the hardcover book, etc.)

5) Whether the pictures (photos, illustrations, technical illustrations, decorations, etc.) are combined in the basic plan, and whether they meet the requirements of the book and have been selected

6) Technology: Is the layout balanced (is the kerning too wide or too narrow)