Notepad Paper FAQ

2020-02-17 14:05

There are two commonly used notebooks, notepads and other book-like gifts whose main function is to write records. The quality of the notepad paper has become a special concern for customized customers. For the lack of professional knowledge of paper for customers, Huawen Stationery, a professional manufacturer of notebooks and notepads, will briefly explain the problems that everyone often encounters.

1. Paper quality

The paper commonly used in Chinese furniture includes beige and beige Daolin paper; pure white wood pulp paper; art paper; butter paper, etc. The quality of these types of paper is of the highest quality among similar papers, and special recycled wood pulp is used. It is produced, does not contain acid, has a slight coating on the surface, has a natural texture, and feels delicate, the printing ink is naturally bright, the color reproduction is realistic, high-definition, has a strong three-dimensional sense, and the price is good!

2. The thickness of the paper

There are three thicknesses of Chinese stationery paper, 80 grams, 100 grams and 120 grams. Grams represent the density of the paper. 80 grams of paper, slightly thinner than 100 grams of paper, is about the same thickness as our usual writing paper. Both kinds of paper can be used for inner pages, the difference is that 80 grams of paper, because it is thinner, the strokes will be softer, and the feeling of writing will be more comfortable. And 100 grams of paper is more rigid, and the writing feeling is not as good as 80 grams, but it looks high-end, and each has its own advantages.

3. The color of the paper

Beige and beige Dowling paper, very soft in color, is the first choice for inner pages for those who like to write. Pure white paper, white is irritating to human eyes under strong light, and looking at white paper for a long time will make eyes tired and easy to shed tears;

4. The smoothness of the paper

The smoothness of paper writing is very important, which is very important to the process of making paper (gluing), the surface of a good paper must be smooth and smooth, and the writing is smooth. The paper of low quality, writing with astringent feeling, and the paper has more noise.