Manager folder, notepad office supplies Customized gift cover design

2020-02-17 14:05

The company's custom-made notepads have relatively high requirements on the cover, and the appearance is the first feeling that attracts customers. Therefore, the design of the cover of the notepad is very important. Leach shares some points of professional customization experience in the past 17 years:

1. The color is generally selected according to the type of enterprise, the age and preferences of the targeted customer groups, etc.; for example, the cover uses black or brown as the cover. It is generally suitable for use by administrative units, banks and other office crowds.

2. The choice of style actually has to be selected according to the industry. Most industries are more suitable for some simple, classic and generous styles that reflect the details.

3. The logo printing design of the cover of the gift notepad should be coordinated with the entire cover of the notepad;

4. The collocation of gift notepad, as a gift notepad, it is of course best to match it with a high-end signature pen and an outer packaging gift box, so that the overall presentation will be more upscale and customers prefer it.

5. As a gift notepad, it can also be designed according to some current popular elements or styles that match the company, such as popular Chinese style, international fashion style, etc. are very important for the cover of a notepad.